Aqua Pop fizzes in Flower Mound

FLOWER MOUND, Texas — Rob Peters, a 43-year old skateboarder, punk band lead man and now entrepreneur, has founded Aqua Pop, a maker of all-natural bottled sparkling water, in Flower Mound.

At first, Peters made the drink to wean him and his wife, Melissa Peters, off of soda. The couple began drinking case after case of sparkling water, but soon Peters realized it was more cost effective to make his own, a couple of liters at a time in his garage.

Each 12-ounce bottle costs $2.50, is unsweetened and contains less than 10 calories. The product’s target market are customers who support local products and who prefer a healthier alternative, but, surprisingly, Aqua Pop is currently selling well in bars as a cocktail mix.

Part of Aqua Pop’s appeal is that it represents a cleaner, simpler way of drinking. Aqua Pop’s product is chemical free and prides itself on being organic, healthy and delicious.

Image courtesy of Aqua Pop

Source: Denton Record-Chronice


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